2011-02-26 16:52:06 by Khuskan

So we done did a film for the 48gogreen film rush! Myself and Mos Prob from Sanity Valve spent about 10 hours locked in my bedroom coming up with the music for this, the theme music of which you can download here!

There's a few more video projects from Concrete Rose coming up, which I'll stick here when they're done!


2010-06-28 12:06:08 by Khuskan

Please, PLEASE stop sending me PMs asking for permission to use my music in your movie/game/for your website/to print off and use as toilet paper!

I get hundreds of the bloody things, and the answer is always a resounding YES.

The Audio Portal exists for the sole purpose of providing music, free of charge, for your non-profit projects.

If you actually want to pay me to do something or use my work commercially, contact me at my e-mail, khuskan (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sanity Valve

2009-10-27 10:34:28 by Khuskan

My very good chums Jewdacris and Gishnchips, quite possibly the most competent comedy rapping duo ever to come out of the UK, have got their arses on NG!

Go get your eyes on that page for gig places and times and other awesome stuff!

Inside this inconspicuous 60mb file lies a specially-licensed version of Atomic encoded using the FLAC lossless encoding method!

But that's not all, it also includes a remix kit with all 7 individual tracks FLAC'd up and ready for your sampling/remixing needs!

This pack is licensed under a slightly different license than NG, stripping the requirement that NG tracks have of re-releasing your own work under an identical license. Therefore, you can use the content in any non-profitable way as long as credit is given, regardless of which license you choose to release it under!

For more information, check out the readme. Apologies for having to rely on RapidShare but it really is the only place I have access to for permanent hosting. If you want to reupload it, go ahead and leave the address in the comments!


2009-07-10 04:37:53 by Khuskan

I'm not sure why the sudden surge in popularity, but I'm constantly having to ban people from submitting to the AP for using the software MixCraft and the stock loops included. Seriously, there's a whole fucking bunch of these coming in. It's not fun when you get three tracks from three different users in a row with exactly the same samples and only slight differences in arrangement.

Yes, the MixCraft license means you can release their samples in your own arrangements under any license you want. No, this does not mean that, just because audio on the AP is licensed under Creative Commons and therefore compatible with MixCraft tracks, that we will let it on here. It's like music duplo, putting together unoriginal loops to make things only slightly less unoriginal.

I doubt anyone who needs to read this will read this, but it's pretty much the best I can do until I manage to convince Wade to stick a 'Fuck off with your mixcraft shit' message on the submit page.



2009-07-02 16:23:57 by Khuskan

So I whipped up some graphics to pretty up my user page to sate the eight or so people who visit it.

Moderating the AP is a pretty interesting - but very difficult - task. I've been helping the others work through the current backlog and we've managed to cut the list of tracks awaiting approval into a tiny piece of what it once was. It's also pretty time consuming for us mods! Although each track only takes a minute or two to check over, I spent over three hours today going through the list.

The biggest problem I found was that when people uploaded tracks, they did not make good use of the commentary field to say how they made it, what they used and so on. Simply stating what program you use to make it speeds up the process!

Anyway, my latest tracks haven't been getting much love, which is sad, because Atomic has been experiencing a rekindled media spree and a plethora of downloads and comments out of apparently thin air. Stupid viral tracks!

So go ahead, check out the following:

Fifteen Seventeen
Slowed to Joy
Ain't Nothing To You feat. Jess Rose



2009-07-01 19:25:53 by Khuskan

And thus I was congratulated by Chronamut over MSN for a reason I didn't quite understand. I questioned, and was directed to NG only to find that I have been privilaged enough to be given the duties of a Newgrounds audio moderator!

So yup, when you first submit those tracks to NG and we need to make sure you're fo' real, that's the other mods and myself hard at work. When you moan that it's been three weeks and your track still isn't up there, that's us not at work. Hopefully with a few more of us around the place, things will speed up!

Now I'm getting slightly more high profile, I'm thinking of doing a banner for my user page and a display picture, but what shall I use/draw? Any suggestions?

Music loops, generic and useful!

2009-06-18 18:11:56 by Khuskan

So my return to NG, while not exactly published in any sense of the form, was left with even more mediocre Audio Portal exposure than I had been used to all those years ago. Turns out that nobody except flash artists visits it.

After performing an unintentional social experiment in viral music mere days after I signed up for NG in November '04, I somehow managed to find the successful formula for a popular audio submission, one which I have been reluctant to exploit again since its conception.

Thus I present to you this, my attempt at retracing my original success in creating generic loops for flash games and movies - you know, what the Audio Portal was intended to supply!

Generic Sad Loop

It's generic. It's sad. It's functional. What more could you want, assuming you want something generic, sad and functional.

That being said, I have done a few more loops of genericness (of varying quality) over the years, check 'em out, download 'em and stick 'em in a flash movie!

Loop of my other track, Fifteen Seventeen
Generic menu music
Generic Bar Loop
Generic Orchestral Loop

Oh, and if you use the old Elevator Music midi file from 2005 anymore, I will hunt you down and kill you. Here's a modernized version:

Elevator Music 2007 remake

So there we go, another last-ditch attempt at rekindling my popularity-of-age with selfish selling out and blatant desire for ad revenue.

Oh get off it, I am a student, I need that money more than you do :-P


2009-06-03 11:43:38 by Khuskan

Stop asking me if you can use my music. As long as it fits the following conditions, there is no need to ask me:

1: It's for a non-commercial (read: Unsponsored) flash game/movie
2: You're going to suitably credit me

If you're thinking of getting your game or movie sponsored, then it's probably best to give me a PM just to double check, but this is pretty much just a formality - unless you're some one-man multi-million dollar game studio supreme, I'm not going to really care if you make a couple of hundred bucks off something with my work in as long as I get a bit of traffic for it!

If you want some unique music for your game, I charge via paypal, cash on delivery at negotiable rates once you know how much money you will be getting for your project via sponsorships etc - this is to make sure you get a fair price! Older small jobs have normally been charged at about $30-50 for a few background loops.