2010-06-28 12:06:08 by Khuskan

Please, PLEASE stop sending me PMs asking for permission to use my music in your movie/game/for your website/to print off and use as toilet paper!

I get hundreds of the bloody things, and the answer is always a resounding YES.

The Audio Portal exists for the sole purpose of providing music, free of charge, for your non-profit projects.

If you actually want to pay me to do something or use my work commercially, contact me at my e-mail, khuskan (at) gmail (dot) com.


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2010-07-04 20:08:45

Can I have permission to use your music in my movie/game/for my website/to print off and use as toilet paper?


2011-02-23 11:29:08

Could I be directed to some sheet music or information about notes for Outside. I'd really like to learn how to play it. I'm a sucker for piano. :P