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2009-06-03 11:43:38 by Khuskan

Stop asking me if you can use my music. As long as it fits the following conditions, there is no need to ask me:

1: It's for a non-commercial (read: Unsponsored) flash game/movie
2: You're going to suitably credit me

If you're thinking of getting your game or movie sponsored, then it's probably best to give me a PM just to double check, but this is pretty much just a formality - unless you're some one-man multi-million dollar game studio supreme, I'm not going to really care if you make a couple of hundred bucks off something with my work in as long as I get a bit of traffic for it!

If you want some unique music for your game, I charge via paypal, cash on delivery at negotiable rates once you know how much money you will be getting for your project via sponsorships etc - this is to make sure you get a fair price! Older small jobs have normally been charged at about $30-50 for a few background loops.


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2009-06-03 13:20:14


P.S. Go fuck yourself.

Khuskan responds:

lol ok.


2009-06-05 13:02:51

you kick ass dude