Music loops, generic and useful!

2009-06-18 18:11:56 by Khuskan

So my return to NG, while not exactly published in any sense of the form, was left with even more mediocre Audio Portal exposure than I had been used to all those years ago. Turns out that nobody except flash artists visits it.

After performing an unintentional social experiment in viral music mere days after I signed up for NG in November '04, I somehow managed to find the successful formula for a popular audio submission, one which I have been reluctant to exploit again since its conception.

Thus I present to you this, my attempt at retracing my original success in creating generic loops for flash games and movies - you know, what the Audio Portal was intended to supply!

Generic Sad Loop

It's generic. It's sad. It's functional. What more could you want, assuming you want something generic, sad and functional.

That being said, I have done a few more loops of genericness (of varying quality) over the years, check 'em out, download 'em and stick 'em in a flash movie!

Loop of my other track, Fifteen Seventeen
Generic menu music
Generic Bar Loop
Generic Orchestral Loop

Oh, and if you use the old Elevator Music midi file from 2005 anymore, I will hunt you down and kill you. Here's a modernized version:

Elevator Music 2007 remake

So there we go, another last-ditch attempt at rekindling my popularity-of-age with selfish selling out and blatant desire for ad revenue.

Oh get off it, I am a student, I need that money more than you do :-P


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2009-06-21 22:59:40

Awesome to see that you're back =p found some of your music in my old music collection and just had to see if you're still active. O and just the other day a friend of mine came to pick me up in his car and the cd player was playing some of your music.. how awesome is that? (to be exact it was that song about the tombstones... which was (and still is) awesome.)


2009-06-21 23:17:07

forgot to add.. ever thought of adding your loops to more sites like flashkit or something (flashkit has like a whole page just for loops) spreading out to more sites might get you more exposure (you can like.. link back here for the ad revenue or something).