2009-07-10 04:37:53 by Khuskan

I'm not sure why the sudden surge in popularity, but I'm constantly having to ban people from submitting to the AP for using the software MixCraft and the stock loops included. Seriously, there's a whole fucking bunch of these coming in. It's not fun when you get three tracks from three different users in a row with exactly the same samples and only slight differences in arrangement.

Yes, the MixCraft license means you can release their samples in your own arrangements under any license you want. No, this does not mean that, just because audio on the AP is licensed under Creative Commons and therefore compatible with MixCraft tracks, that we will let it on here. It's like music duplo, putting together unoriginal loops to make things only slightly less unoriginal.

I doubt anyone who needs to read this will read this, but it's pretty much the best I can do until I manage to convince Wade to stick a 'Fuck off with your mixcraft shit' message on the submit page.



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2009-07-12 04:18:26

One small step at a time! :D


2009-07-14 20:45:54

I agree.
The reason its so popular, is its so easy to download. The trial version does most things, but just wiping it off your computer and reloading (if one is smart enough to remove the reg key tracker too) works and isn't that hard to do. I did that with Acoustica's Beatcraft for a long time.

ITs also UBER cheap to buy. $64.95 or something, for the full version of mixcraft 4. Then, the Registration and unlock codes also work for the older versions. And I've seen those codes on some popular "video websites"...hahaha.

The biggest thing I hate, is running into is Soulja Boy and Linkin Park songs. Every third submission or so it seemed, was one of those. I still "cringe" when I hear a Linkin Park song, and not because I don't like them. Haha.

And also, do you mind if I wank some guitar on your generic sad loop?

Khuskan responds:

Oh, the number of copyrighted songs willingly uploaded to the audio portal for the intent of sharing - i.e. not even plagiarism, just plain piracy - is totally retarded. I know that most people don't read the rules, but even a quick glance is enough to hint that you shouldn't be uploading your mp3 collection to NG.

And yeah, feel free to use any of my music however you want :-)


2009-07-24 01:21:05

I just started uses MixCraft a few days ago. Simple GUI, export/import, and excellent usability. Perfect for amateurs! But I would never, ever, ever use their loops. Especially in the Audio Portal.


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