2009-07-02 16:23:57 by Khuskan

So I whipped up some graphics to pretty up my user page to sate the eight or so people who visit it.

Moderating the AP is a pretty interesting - but very difficult - task. I've been helping the others work through the current backlog and we've managed to cut the list of tracks awaiting approval into a tiny piece of what it once was. It's also pretty time consuming for us mods! Although each track only takes a minute or two to check over, I spent over three hours today going through the list.

The biggest problem I found was that when people uploaded tracks, they did not make good use of the commentary field to say how they made it, what they used and so on. Simply stating what program you use to make it speeds up the process!

Anyway, my latest tracks haven't been getting much love, which is sad, because Atomic has been experiencing a rekindled media spree and a plethora of downloads and comments out of apparently thin air. Stupid viral tracks!

So go ahead, check out the following:

Fifteen Seventeen
Slowed to Joy
Ain't Nothing To You feat. Jess Rose



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2009-07-03 01:08:11

I am one of those 8 people as of now.


2009-07-03 14:31:25

Hey man, I like your songs. Your one of my favorite song artists.