Atomic FLAC single and remix kit!

2009-08-31 16:55:20 by Khuskan

Inside this inconspicuous 60mb file lies a specially-licensed version of Atomic encoded using the FLAC lossless encoding method!

But that's not all, it also includes a remix kit with all 7 individual tracks FLAC'd up and ready for your sampling/remixing needs!

This pack is licensed under a slightly different license than NG, stripping the requirement that NG tracks have of re-releasing your own work under an identical license. Therefore, you can use the content in any non-profitable way as long as credit is given, regardless of which license you choose to release it under!

For more information, check out the readme. Apologies for having to rely on RapidShare but it really is the only place I have access to for permanent hosting. If you want to reupload it, go ahead and leave the address in the comments!


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2009-08-31 18:04:50

Would you be so kind as to give a reason for this most unique and beautiful opportunity to listen and to view Atomic?

Khuskan responds:

Because I can :-)

Although I'm not much of an audiophile, in fact I find the whole concepts behind that somewhat idiotic and defiantly eccentric, the compression ratio I used to release the track originally was low to the point a lot of the detail was actually lost in the track.

That, and splitting probably my most mainstream-popular track into a re mixable kit of samples will probably be of interest to someone out there - if one guy, no matter how inexperienced, uses it to make something new, I will feel like this release is totally worth it.


2009-08-31 19:02:11

I just finished downloading it, and was instantly filled with all sorts of ideas.
I guess I asked the wrong question. I meant, what brought this on? Are you quitting or thinking of moving on? Did you just feel like sharing and it is as simple as that? I was only curious.
I don't think the acapella will be a big hit, but the bass is amazing and the strings too. Now if I can just come up with something that sounds decent and not like a cat caught in a door.


2009-10-04 23:10:58

Your night club stage for garrysmod is awesome do you mind if I use it in the gmod thread?