2009-07-01 19:25:53 by Khuskan

And thus I was congratulated by Chronamut over MSN for a reason I didn't quite understand. I questioned, and was directed to NG only to find that I have been privilaged enough to be given the duties of a Newgrounds audio moderator!

So yup, when you first submit those tracks to NG and we need to make sure you're fo' real, that's the other mods and myself hard at work. When you moan that it's been three weeks and your track still isn't up there, that's us not at work. Hopefully with a few more of us around the place, things will speed up!

Now I'm getting slightly more high profile, I'm thinking of doing a banner for my user page and a display picture, but what shall I use/draw? Any suggestions?


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2009-07-01 19:51:09

if you need help with an icon/ userpic/ banner, I can help u ;P

congrats on the modification, btw! :o


2009-07-01 20:32:14

You should ask GoreBastard to MSPaint you a banner. That'd be cool.


2009-07-01 22:05:02

Congrats dude :D